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Lineage Consulting is a full-service consulting firm, focused on Operations, Healthcare and Compliance. 


Our three founding members have over 50 years of combined management and consulting experience. It is our goal to provide cost effective, yet high quality business management tools and resources to clients facing unique business risks and opportunities, across a variety of industries.


Lineage Consulting is a family owned consulting firm. Our team has over 50 years of combined consulting experience, in a variety of disciplines.  Together, we have an extensive network of colleagues and existing business relationships that extend far beyond the limbs of our family tree.  Our partnerships allow us to ensure the best resources are available to assist with your project.


It is our mission to deliver exceptional client-centric consulting services.  We strive to implement meaningful solutions that will provide your organization tangible results, and ultimately deliver higher financial and operational success.


Lineage Consulting strives to be recognized as the industry leader for providing consistent, quality results to our clients.  


The collection of our experiences and the work values we bring forward are embedded in our enterprise.  Our family unity and the nature of the relationship between family values and industry experiences are the roots to defining Lineage Consulting's culture.

Our Story

OUR Co-Founders

Co-Founder & Senior Healthcare Consultant

Aimee Nakhlé

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​Aimee is a diverse professional with consulting, healthcare administration, and operations management experience. Her areas of specialty include project and product management, laboratory workflow and systems analysis, human resource systems development, and continuous process improvement. She has documented success in developing and leading healthcare organizations by recognizing opportunities from a scientific and business sense; developing, building, and motivating teams through result and time driven approaches, and implementing quality improvement enterprises of healthcare theory into practice. 


Prior to joining Lineage Consulting, Aimee served as COO for GeneCare Medical Genetics Center and Director of Operations for Alere Genetics in Chapel Hill, NC.  More recently, she has been partnering with Gaucho Group to provide business development and project management, offering innovative uses of human resource technology to solve business needs.  She has over 20 years of healthcare administrative experience, with 5 plus years in senior management.   Aimee has a BS in Biology and Genetics from North Carolina State University and received her Master in Healthcare Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

To learn more about Aimee, please contact her at

Co-Founder & Senior Operations Consultant

George Nakhlé

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​George has an extensive background in healthcare product design, operations, manufacturing, and engineering industries.  With over 30 years of experience George has an aptitude for recognizing opportunities from a technical and business sense.  He has a proven record of delivering advanced performance initiatives as well as significant accomplishments in cost savings, on-time delivery, timeline reduction, turnaround situation, continuous improvements, and streamlining processes.  As a multi-lingual, international, and resourceful professional, George brings a global expertise to Lineage Consulting.


George previously worked for multiple Fortune 500 Companies offering his operations and management skills across industries. George received his degree in engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

To learn more about George, please contact him at

Co-Founder & Senior Healthcare Consultant

Julie Nakhlé

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​Julie has 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, in both the vendor and client side, with an emphasis on Health IT, Radiology, and Compliance.  Originally a Senior Applications Specialist for Empiric Systems, Julie has parlayed her knowledge into consulting and project management services.  She has directed several complex healthcare projects at hospitals and imaging centers throughout the country and has utilized her leadership, planning, and technical skills to successfully lead organizations through implementations and optimization initiatives.  Julie's successes in Meaningful Use assessment and implementation has proved her to be an essential resource to eligible professionals and healthcare technology providers looking to comply with government regulations. 

Julie graduated from Arizona State University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Anthropology.

To learn more about Julie, please contact her at

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